Monthly Archives: February 2020

Cancer & Medical Marijuana

Cancer, is a group of diseasescharacterized by uncontrolled growth genetically abnormal cells.  There are more than one hundred Cancer types that affect humans. Cancerous tumors may be confined to a local region or can spread, at any moment, to the entire body.   “The evidence is overwhelming that Marijuana can relieve certain types of pain, nausea, […]

Depression & Medical Marijuana

Pain & Medical Marijuana Physical Pain is an unpleasant sensory response associated with tissue damage; actual or perceived. The sensation of pain is meant to protect the organism from harm, i.e. don’t walk on a sprained ankle until it’s healed. However, chronic pain can do more harm than good, severely impacting quality of life. Pain […]

Depression & Medical Marijuana

Depression & Medical Marijuana Depression is a mental disorder characterized by ongoing gloomy and negative feelings.  Individuals in a state of depression feel that they are somehow losing, or missing out on life and that the future seems bleak. The effects of depression extend to the sufferer’s social circles and affects the quality of life of […]

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